Black Sails

Game Description :
Three great naval countries have been fighting each other to gain control over the Caribbeans for many years.
With none of the sides being able to settle the score, the battle has brought nothing but chaos and disarray to the region.

It is up to you to take part in this epic battle and bring the opposing countries finally to their knees.
How To Play :
Battle it out on the seas and land. Gain control over all the cities.

Use the arrow keys to move the ship, or to move character around towns.

During sea battles, press Z to shoot the cannons on port side and X to shoot the cannons starboard side of the ship. You can see your and the other ships health at the bottom of the screen.
Ram the other ship during combat to board it and have your men fight the battle on deck.

Buy new supplies, men and upgrades in the cities. If you choose you can attack a city and gain control over it.

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